Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Challenge Your Perspective and Change Your Life!

Are you caught up with life? Seem to be stressed out with worry? Things don’t seem to be going your way?

It is sometimes important to take stock. We are easily fooled into thinking that what is right in front of us is as big as the Universe. It causes us to sometimes think the issue is much bigger than it really is.

So in order to help you see this problem for what it really is, you need to challenge your current perspective.

Ever looked at your car, or house, or your village or city from close up.  Then after taking a flight realizing how small it seems from twenty thousand feet up?

So instead of looking at your problems very closely, take a moment to observe them from a much higher perspective.

You will realize very quickly some of your problems did not even matter while some were much smaller than you thought.

In the grand scheme of things, you may be on earth for give or take seventy years, and when you look back at your life, what will really matter to you?

Will it be the fact that you had many work related problems, or that fact that you might have made a friend for life at your job? Will you look at the car problems you had, or the fact that the car took you and your family thousands of times safely to your destinations. Will you complain of the state of your house, or the fact that you had a roof, that kept you and your family out of the rain? We tend to sometimes look at the very small percentage of things that go wrong, instead of the majority of times when things go right for us. For if you focus on the negative aspects, that will be all that you will ever see.

Instead of wasting your valuable life force energy on worry, start instead to acknowledge the blessings in your life. Then invest it into what you want in life, envision your new better circumstance.

Hold that vision in your mind and heart. Listen to your inner voice for instructions on what to do next, follow and act!

I urge you today, please don’t wait for the end of your life to acknowledge the many miracles, blessings and boons that you have right there, right now, in your life.

Give thanks, bless your blessings, create positivity and you will make room for many more to join.

© Inshan Meahjohn 2013


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