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Make your mark on the world!

"The world flashes in front your face
And bellows That you need to get this or get that Earn this or earn that Be this or be that Listen to this or listen to that Come here or go there Look like this or look like that Keep up with the Jones Drive this or drive that Live here or live there
But what would happen perchance if you asked yourself these questions? Do I really need this or that? Am I really happy with being this or that? Do I find enlightenment in this or that? Do I have peace in looking like this or like that? Am I truly evolving by keeping up with the Jones?
What would happen if you took a moment to stop and look at deep into yourself You may be surprised to know That deep inside, you are already truly Magnificent! Truly Amazing! Truly Talented! Truly Fantastic! Truly Attractive! Truly Intelligent! And truly Creative!
Please take a step back and remove all the fake things in your life that do not serve your higher purpose.

Throw away the world’s limited view of you…