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Let go and live!

"Of what worth is the intellect if it confines us to a static existence. Maybe perchance, the fullness of life is to be experienced when we dynamically project our dreams, new ideas and new possibilities into our current circumstances. 
This germination of positive energy into our present future has the ability to help us let go of the old and boldly step into the new definition of our lives. This constant renewal of our soul expressing itself in fun playfulness, can aid us in releasing our hold on old relationships to anything in our environment that no longer serves our higher purpose.
So my dear friend, be still, silent and peaceful and in that state, the clarity of your next action will be able to emerge, as the waves of emotions which always seem to drown out the wisdom of our souls are made to lay flat. 
I wish you the gift of a dynamic, fun filled inspirational, love infused, divinely guided life!"  © Inshan Meahjohn 2017