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How to deal with depression by changing your perspective.

Many times in our lives we are faced with significant challenges, and I fully understand how difficult and tough that is.
In my work with hundreds of clients, friends and family, I have found that the person who is going through the difficulty is also the person with most power in the situation, even though they may not be aware of it.
One reason I say this, is because they have the power to process feelings and to choose which feelings they wish to focus on, that is, they do not have much power over others, their words and deeds, but they have full and complete power over themselves. 
I understand how difficult loss, sadness, pain and suffering is, and I wish that today you find a solid support group, get professional help if you need it, take up a hobby that inspires you, do something new, help someone else and be their heroine/hero.
It takes a split second to make a decision that can change your life for the better, and today is your day for that positive change!

Be like a Bee

Be more like a bee.
A bee is the only insect which  produces essential food, its honey can last for thousands of years, is diligent,  is busy with its own work,  is community-oriented,  is constructive,  is productive  believes in itself,  because it defies the laws of physics in its flight.
Be more like a bee.
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In an Instant!

It seems we want everything in an instant.
What is an instant? An instant is an infinitesimal space of time. 
It seems humanity has gone the way of instant gratification and the ‘I want it all right now culture’.
The world has moved towards us experiencing everything as fast as we can!
We now have instant coffee, fast food, fast microwaving, instant TV on demand, super-fast internet, instant messaging, speed dating, instant email, drive through weddings, instant buying, exercising in 5mins, instant music, instant apps………..
Hmmmm, maybe, just maybe we should stop just for a moment and think, really think. Do I want to experience the moments of my life in little infinitesimal blocks of time?
Or do I want to have a full, deep, enriching life with experiences that are timeless?
Can you remember that the times in your life that you had the deepest of experiences?
Can you remember your first love, your first bike ride, your first child being born, your first truly magnificent experience of…

The secret of the 1,440.


The Gift of Life!

The Gift

"Each and every breath is a wondrous gift,  for only if you have it,  do you still have the magnificent mystery  of being alive. So when times are tough, 
when you feel down,  when you feel alone and need hope,  just put your hand gently on your chest,  and feel the air enter your body, as it renews you  with the possibility  of a next moment of  hope,  joy,  contentment,  peace,  companionship,  warmth,  service,  acceptance,  opportunity  and love."

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