In an Instant!

It seems we want everything in an instant.

What is an instant? An instant is an infinitesimal space of time. 

It seems humanity has gone the way of instant gratification and the ‘I want it all right now culture’.

The world has moved towards us experiencing everything as fast as we can!

We now have instant coffee, fast food, fast microwaving, instant TV on demand, super-fast internet, instant messaging, speed dating, instant email, drive through weddings, instant buying, exercising in 5mins, instant music, instant apps………..

Hmmmm, maybe, just maybe we should stop just for a moment and think, really think.
Do I want to experience the moments of my life in little infinitesimal blocks of time?

Or do I want to have a full, deep, enriching life with experiences that are timeless?

Can you remember that the times in your life that you had the deepest of experiences?

Can you remember your first love, your first bike ride, your first child being born, your first truly magnificent experience of nature?

When you do, you realised that it seemed time stopped, and you were truly connected to who, where and what you were experiencing.

So today, when you are tempted to live life in an instant, stop and make a conscious choice to really enjoy life, each and every moment to its fullest.

Today I wish you a day of freedom from the prison of instant gratification.”

Inshan Meahjohn


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