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The Tree

"I love to sway in the wind I drink from the delicious rain Feel the sunlight on my green skin But sometimes I feel intense pain
Pain of my fallen brothers They were once like me living in peace Killed by indifferent others They were sacrificed to give way to the housing increase
Who does man think he is? He chops and pillages my clan He forgets that we were also created with him in bliss Without any compassion for us and the land
Why does man forget that we are his brothers? We breathe out for his benefit fresh air He destroys, kills and smothers He does not treat us fair
I pray that man remembers how Remember that we are your kin To live in love, peace and in the now As what we breathe out, you breathe in
I have hope in Man As he is our brother In our ancient covenant we had a plan To live in Peace with each other
I know that he will look At all the spaces That he can replant my brothers With all man’s smiling faces
I see a future of coexistence In which we all find a pla…