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Do you realize that you spend so much time on thoughts, words and expressions? Have you ever contemplated what happens before and after? Before the word, the thought or the expression there was silence. After the word, the thought and the expression there is silence.
Why then, do you not focus on the source of all the wisdom that is the silence? All the creativity, expressions, poems, art, books, songs, words, love, wisdom and enlightenment comes out of the silence. If you contemplate it, really contemplate it, then you might realize that silence is a very natural state of the Universe. Even in the state of life, we tend to forget the before life and after life. Where were you before you were conceived, where will you be after you die? One can say you were in a state of silence.
Sometimes during your life, the Universe ensures that you come back into the silence. If you don’t consciously stop in your busy life, you may have perceptively negative things ha…

Hidden in Plain Sight

“Are you looking for it,

but don’t know where to find it.

Sometimes the thing you seek

is hidden right in front of you.

Are you looking for it, 
and when 
you don’t find it 
you sometimes 
feel slighted? 
I wonder if 
you seek delight 
in the limelight? 
Are you looking in 
the daylight 
or seek it in the 
moonlight or 
Have you 
run out of gas 
by staring at the gaslight 
or afraid 
of your inner inflight?
Do you look for
 the lighthouse, 
searching for its spotlight? 
Does your day 
sometimes move 
lightening fast with 
highlights or red lights? 
I pray you find it, 
if not use the flashlight 
to clear out the blight
 and when you find it, 
smile and bask in its might.” 
© Inshan Meahjohn 2013

The Hidden Path

"Do you know who you are, why you are here, what is your life’s purpose? Do you spend time focused on all the events that happened in the past? Do you have fear about the unknown future? Have you found the hidden path?

 Do you know at this exact moment that you are reading this, you are not in the past, not in the future, but fully present in the eternal now. Why is this? It is because you have made yourself fully present in order to read these words.

What can this simple exercise of being present do for you? By providing your presence to the present moment, this is the best present you can give yourself and others.

Isn’t it funny how we sit in our cars, try to talk on the phone, eat something and pay attention to the road all at the same time. We have lost the concept of quality of life, and somehow think that if we cram as much stuff into one moment, we are filling it. However, you know that by doing that you get indigestion and create dis-ease in your body. You are not able t…

Re Ignite Your Inner Light

"The bulb and the candle.

Have you ever really looked at a candle, really looked at it? What does it do when at rest in the dark, it is simply some wax, with a wick in the middle, laying in wait for its chance to truly express its talent and share its hidden gifts. Something magical happens when there is a spark, and the candle is lit, it comes alive, it gives light, it shares light, from one you can light a thousand more.

Have you ever looked at a light bulb when it was off, it looks like its waiting for something, and then, someone turns on a switch, and then it is lit, it illuminates a room, a home, a city, a world.

It brings to my mind the three states of the candle and the bulb, before it is lit, when it is lit and after the light goes out. Where are you today, are you waiting for the spark, or to be switched on, have you lost it, or have you switched off? Are you alight, and alive, or choose to live in the dark?

If you haven't really lit your candle, or turned on…