Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Hidden Path

"Do you know who you are, why you are here, what is your life’s purpose? Do you spend time focused on all the events that happened in the past? Do you have fear about the unknown future? Have you found the hidden path?

 Do you know at this exact moment that you are reading this, you are not in the past, not in the future, but fully present in the eternal now. Why is this? It is because you have made yourself fully present in order to read these words.

What can this simple exercise of being present do for you? By providing your presence to the present moment, this is the best present you can give yourself and others.

Isn’t it funny how we sit in our cars, try to talk on the phone, eat something and pay attention to the road all at the same time. We have lost the concept of quality of life, and somehow think that if we cram as much stuff into one moment, we are filling it. However, you know that by doing that you get indigestion and create dis-ease in your body. You are not able to give the person you are trying to talk to on the phone your full attention and presence, and reduce the quality of this relationship. You drive in a way that may cause others stress, because you are not fully present to the road and your surroundings.

The hidden path is being fully present in the moment, but we all know how difficult this is in this modern age. We have all these fake connections, via technology, television, radio, media, when right there, right in front of you is a friend that wants a hug, a stranger that needs a smile, a flower that needs appreciation, a child that needs recognition, an elder that needs attention. When you connect to this original ‘social network’, then you have found the hidden path.

Have you ever realized when you are on a call and there is static, or noise around you, or the network dropped the call, how annoyed you get because you can’t hear the message. The creator wants to talk to you everyday, but what do you think happens when your thoughts are so loud, old history being brought back up, thoughts about fear of the future, this is noise and the static. When we allow the noise of the mind to continue to be loud, the network drops, and you lose your connection to the creator. You have the power to quiet your mind and make the call crystal clear, so you can hear the message from the creator, the universe and your soul, and your inner wisdom of why you are here, what is your purpose and what is the message in the moment.

 I want to give you a simple tool to help. Whenever you want to take a minute to experience the immense power of being present in the moment, do the simple exercise of breathing, and concentrate just for one minute, only one minute, on your breath. This breath is what connects you life, to the world via air, fills you with inhalation, but really gives you the door to inspiration, the door to the quiet mind, the door to the hidden path, the door to the answers you seek."
© Inshan Meahjohn 2013

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