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The story of the Magic Tree and the Little Bird.

There was once a little bird who wished to fly into the unknowable sky. But alas, it thought its wings were too small and weak, and it had a great fear of falling, or more importantly,  a fear of being ridiculed and jeered at if it failed.
One day while walking through the forest, it came upon the ancient and magical wisdom tree, who was singing in the forest. 
The tree's gleaming rich green leaves were dancing in the wind, and its roots were deep, wide and strong, and its trunk tall and towering. The little bird gazed, in awe of this tree, and how it made shade for all under it, blocking out the scorching sun. 
The little bird thought, this tree being so powerful and wise may be able to help, so it kindly requested of the tree some of its wisdom on how to fly? 
The tree said I will not tell you how to fly, but touched his head and magically showed the little bird its past. The bird saw a seed on the ground, being buried and covered with the earth. He saw how the tiny seed felt a…