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The Smile by Inshan Meahjohn

“When the clouds block out the sun
And you feel a bit down When you feel that you are outdone Upon your face there is a frown
Along comes an unexpected gift From a stranger on the street It gives you an immediate lift As if you were given an unexpected treat
This gift costs not a cent And can be given by anyone It’s a wonderful present Almost like the shining of the sun
It warms your soul And changes your mood It makes you feel whole And when you see it, you can no longer brood
The little baby passing by Freely gives the gift away Making you feel as if you could fly And transforming the bad start into a good day
You pass by another Who was in your former state You realize that he is a brother That he wasn’t feeling great
So you share the gift That you were given just a moment ago It gives him an immediate face-lift What a wonderful gift to bestow!
This gift is priceless It comes with positive thought Its delivery is almost effortless It’s a gift that cannot be bought
So I urge you …