Sunday, June 30, 2013




Do you realize that you spend so much time on thoughts, words and expressions? Have you ever contemplated what happens before and after? Before the word, the thought or the expression there was silence. After the word, the thought and the expression there is silence.

Why then, do you not focus on the source of all the wisdom that is the silence? All the creativity, expressions, poems, art, books, songs, words, love, wisdom and enlightenment comes out of the silence. If you contemplate it, really contemplate it, then you might realize that silence is a very natural state of the Universe. Even in the state of life, we tend to forget the before life and after life. Where were you before you were conceived, where will you be after you die? One can say you were in a state of silence.

Sometimes during your life, the Universe ensures that you come back into the silence. If you don’t consciously stop in your busy life, you may have perceptively negative things happen in your life, sickness, change, events that force you to stop and be. So instead of being forced to be in silence, just for a short time, try to let go of your cell phone, your computer, your social media, your news from TV, radio, newspapers, your music, your Internet, your friends, your hobbies, your social events and most importantly your own thoughts.

The next question you might ask is where do you consciously access the silence? One of the best ways to access the silence is to simply stop and be silent. Try silent prayer, meditation, contemplation or energy work. Please let go of fear, fear of the future, fear of tomorrow, fear of the past and be silent.

Allow yourself to flow in the silence, heal in the silence, love in the silence, regain your freedom in the silence, find your happiness, sense of self and enlightenment in the silence.”

  © Inshan Meahjohn 2013

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