Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 - 2012

"How was your 2011?

Was it filled with a myriad of experiences? Did the story unfold how you envisioned it? Did you achieve every goal, hit every milestone?

My guess is that it went like this:

In 2011 you experienced joy and pain, sorrow and happiness, surprise and tedium, peace and war, loneliness and friendship, love and anger, abundance and scarcity, success and failure.

I am sure some experiences were really tough, but apart from what you felt, what you went through, I want to encourage you to come to the realization that you were privileged to have life, to experience the human condition, which is the greatest gift of all.

Please don’t look back and feel regret, but be fulfilled that you lived life with all its intricacies, twists, turns, ups and downs.

It is not as important to figure out if you had more ups than downs on the roller coaster of life, but to figure out if you were awake for the ride and tried to enjoy it all the way through.

Sometimes we want something so bad, but when we get it, there is still an emptiness inside. The real secret is to enjoy the journey to the goal and learn from all the experiences.

Another great find in going through tough experiences is the discovery of things inside of us that we did not know were there.

My belief is when God created you, he put inside you all the tools you needed to have a full and purposeful life. Sometimes we forget how many fantastic gifts lay inside and it takes very trying and tough situations to have them present themselves. When they do present themselves, it is almost as if long lost friends that we longed to see have come home.

My wish and prayer for you in 2012 is not one of fulfilling goals, but having a purpose filled life with deep and enriching experiences. So at the end of 2012, you would be able to look back and say that you enjoyed the journey and discovered so many amazing things along the way that embodied the human experience.

May God Bless You On Your Journey!"

 © Inshan Meahjohn 2011