Saturday, July 9, 2016

Climb Your Mountain!

“When the mountain of opportunity and difficulty presents itself in our lives, our intellectual mind gets loud. It says things like, ‘scary’, ‘turn back’, ‘hide’, ‘don’t do this’, ‘its dangerous’, ‘you are not prepared’, ‘you don’t even have proper resources’. 

However if you listen to the quietness of your soul, which will always guide you in the right direction, you might just hear your spirit say, ‘climb it’, ‘go for it’, ‘trust’, ‘start’, ‘this is your moment’, ‘do it’.

So today, in this moment of challenge, in this moment of the Now, maybe, just maybe, if you listen to the right voice, you would know what it feels like to conquer the mountain!”

 © Inshan Meahjohn 2016

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