Building Blocks

As we leave 2019 and head into 2020, I am  re-sharing an alternative perspective that seems timeless. 

"To all of you that have had many stumbling 'blocks' this year, always remember that the your true nature is powerful!

You can change the nature of the 'blocks' and as you become the co-director of your future, you can use them instead as building 'blocks'. 

Is it not interesting that the word 'block' is the same word with two immensely different meanings?

Stumbling 'blocks' sometimes make you think you are you are in a weak state but building blocks puts you a stronger state of mind. 

Then once you take control of the definition it then becomes your responsibility to show others how to use their 'blocks' to help others step up and build their future.' 

© Inshan Meahjohn 2012


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